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A Close Call

knifeI surveyed the counter-top, scanning for the ingredient I needed for the iced tea.”Sugar, sugar,” I murmured under my breath. My eyes stopped, locking on a jar labeled “Honey.”

I know what your thinking, so don’t waste your breath. I was looking for sugar not honey, so why did I choose the honey jar labeled honey? Well , it’s because for some reason my parents put the sugar packets in the honey jar. Weird huh?

It just so happens that the honey jar was the largest jar, making it a lot harder for me to heave it toward me. How unlucky! Little did I know that heavy jars would soon be the least of  my worries!

“Heave ho,” I muttered as I plopped the jar in front of me.

My worst mistake.

In this movement I catapulted a knife across the room! And if you will believe this, it landed inches from my mom’s foot! I just couldn’t believe my bad luck.

I prayed Mom wouldn’t chew me out. Instead, she surprised me by laughing.

That’s Mom, always full of surprises.”Your laughing,” I dully remarked. “Of course I am, Isn’t it hilarious that you just made a knife fly through the air!” Now that I thought  about it, it was kind of funny.

Only kind of. I mean, what is funny about almost de-legging your mother? But of course I started laughing along with her. That’s me, always thing worse case scenario until someone jerks me into the present where no one is hurt.I can only hope that this series of events does no repeat itself, for last time was a very close call.


By Daniela

“Scratch, scratch” time to write another batch,pencil

“Scrape, scrape,”a story about a super hero in a cape,

“Etch,etch,” time to plan another sketch,

But most important, best of all,

Pencils are pencils to us all.

This piece of writing, as you may have guessed, is  about a pencil. But what you may not have noticed is that it is not about just any pencil, but an author’s pencil.My inspiration for this poem was my dream to one day become an author. The first bit of dialogue (“Scratch, scratch,”) is meant to represent the sound of finishing a rough draft.The second bit of dialogue (“Scrape, scrape”) is used to represent the onomatopoeia of publishing a book.The third bit of sound is used to replicate the finishing of an illustration, (“Etch, etch.”) The last two stanzas are telling the lesson that whether your an author, a kid, or a regular adult, you can still turn an ordinary pencil into an author’s pencil.

My Sister Ariana

By Daniela
I really love my sister Ariana,

But sometimes she turns into a piranha,

Growling, hissing, throwing a fit,

At least she’s not a baseball mitt!

This poem is one of my most prided works for one confusing, yet simple reason: it has mixed feelings about Ariana, so no matter what mood I’m in with her when I read this poem, I can still agree with and enjoy most of it. But vice versa, if the poem I wrote was about how much I love Ariana, then if I’m in a bad mood with her, agreement and enjoyment may not come of reading it. This small contribution  to my “Book of 3rd Grade Poems” always reminds me that Ariana and I are not only twin sisters, but also best friends, even at the worst of times.


My Hobby

DaveDugdalebook By Ariana
The flutters of the pages in my book woke me. “That’s all for this morning,” I heard the news man finishing up. I rolled over in bed and sleepily jabbed at the off button that was on the radio. Then I rolled over again, sat up, and squinted into a mirror on the wall. My hair was disheveled, and my face was pale and still full of sleep.

I groped for my book on the bedside table. I finally grasped the book and hauled it onto the bad next to me. As I did this, Daniela groaned and turned over on the side of  me.”Duh, duh,” Daniela  blubbered helpfully. “Good morning to you to!”  I smirked, trying to stifle my laughter. “But-but-HEY,” Daniela sputtered helplessly.”Aw, poor baby, she’s speechless!” my voice dripped with false sympathy. “Sorry, I can’t keep talking, I have other things to do,” I sneered.

The pages fluttered in the wind again, as though they were anxious to be read.”Well, wish granted,”I thought, grinning. I picked up the book and flipped it open. The sound of pages turning filled the air as I began to read. “Annie’ Jack called. ‘Here’ came her reply. Jack raced forward to her voice, finding Annie leaning against a tree… ” I read on and on about Annie, Jack, and their magic tree house. (But please note that I do not read those books anymore)

Suddenly, I jerked my head towards my alarm clock. 7:30! ” Time for breakfast!” I chided. “Yes, I’ve noticed!” Daniela grinned moodily. I nodded towards Daniela. “At least one person did,” I shrugged. I snapped the book shut. I smacked together an outfit. Blue jeans? Sure. T-shirt? Why not? Green converse? No problem. After I tied my 2nd shoe I bolted. I zipped down the steps faster than you could say egg’s and bacon.Movie All Is Lost (2013)

Then it hit me. I had forgotten my book!

I sped up the stairs faster than I had coming down. When I finally stumbled into the dinning room, I had a book clutched to my chest. I collapsed, panting, into my chair. I started to make myself a bowl of cereal, but stopped at the point of getting out the boxes. There I was, slumped in my chair reading. (Of course!)

The point of writing this was to, yes, have fun, but to also show how much I adore reading. Reading is “My Hobby”, as I hope you have realized. Another thing I hope you notice is that I love my sister, even though we annoy each other sometimes. Clearly, though, when we do annoy each other we are doing it out of sisterly love, and hey, sisterly love is a good thing right? But one way or another I will almost always feel warmly towards Daniela.

Almost always.



 Photo by Dave Dugdale


By Daniela
It was a night darker than a blackboard, quieter than a mouse, until the peaceful silence was interrupted by my sudden shrieking of “Your a pomegranate!”

“Are you losing your mind?” I questioned myself, “You don’t even know what a pomegranate is!” An exploding burst of pain in my arm finished my thought- Ariana using me as a punching bag. “Hey that’s not nice,” Ariana scoffed. “Well,” I sneered, “Who ever said that was mean?”

As it turns out, I was right, because pomegranate is not a mean name, but a fruit. Anyway, back to the story.”You probably don’t even know what a pomegranate is,” Ariana chided in teasing voice. “Your right” I confessed, groaning.

Ariana, grasping at the opportunity to tease me, poked her tongue out of that hole in her face that is supposedly called a mouth, her “liquid” spraying me like a hose sprays a plant.(Seriously, I never thought the human body could hold that much saliva.) “Do you think we’re being too loud?” Ariana fretted-what a worrywart!Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

“No, we didn’t wake up our parents yet” I confirmed,or at least pretended to confirm. I could only hope that Mom and Dad did not wake up in all the commotion. It was time for Ariana and I to rest … or so Ariana thought. What Ariana thought I was doing was different than what I was actually doing, if that makes any sense. She had no idea what my devious mind was brewing up…”Pomegranate!” Ariana and I shouted in unison…or maybe she did!

My milk chocolate colored eyes widened as my curiosity grew like a flower. “Did you read my mind?” I asked incredulously, my eyes narrowing with a vague sense of  suspicion. “Uh,”Ariana murmured dumbly, then with more mysterious enthusiasm she hummed,”Yes! I’m a magician!” I obviously didn’t believe the stupid joke, so I decided to give her an utterly impossible test; ” Make a dictionary appear.”

“Sure, “Ariana replied, clearly summing up the details in her head.”But why?” The answer was obvious so I decided to not waste time and tell her all in one word “Pomegranate” Ariana grumbled her reply deftly”Oh.” Then with plain to see bounce in her step, she marched out of the room. Until she came back, there was a question mark  hovering above my head.  What kind of person would walk out of a bedroom in the dead of night?

When she did finally come back in what seemed like an hour with a dictionary in her hands, I was starting to wish I worded my test a bit differently.”Ta-DA!” Ariana shrieked grinning one of her annoying, dimply, and cheeky grins. “Now you’ve done it,” I scolded Ariana, hearing footsteps. Ariana’s chin started to tremble. (Oh so now she realizes that it’s night time! ) Sometimes she (Drummroll please) doesn’t think before she acts. Automatically like a magician who’s working automaton, Ariana cried “Daniela’s fault!” (Sometimes she’s just soooo animated.)

Of course Mom ignored her and mumbled her famous line absently”That’s nice honey. Then, “Yak, yak, and yak again about whatever we did wrong. After Mom’s hour long speech about respect and whatnot, the one question I was dying to ask poured out like root beer overflowing: “What’s a pomegranate?”After getting lectured about nutrition for some reason, Mom  was just about to answer my question,  but the grand moment was ruined when Mom had to get her glasses.  But anyway lets just fast forward to the moment of truth…”A pomegranate, huh?”

Mom managed, her eyelids drooping , “A pomegranate is a…” I should have known, Mom had fallen asleep. I slapped my forehead and shook her awake. “Fruit!” Mom gasped. I was scratching my head at this odd behavior at first but the meaning of it soon hit me when Ariana sighed out a loud “Ohhhhh” of disappointment. I was a smidge disappointed if I do say so myself, I mean, did we really have to make that much of a fuss over a fruit?

All I really needed was some rest on some nice comfy pillows…what I didn’t need was the chorus “Oh, bring back my pomegranate to me!” in my dream.

But that’s exactly what I got!