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Sailing to Liberty

DSCN1762Sharp winds whipped at my hair while violent waves struck the side of the ferry. Daniela was facing the opposite direction, admiring the skyline. I was equally dazzled, but more interested in surveying the scene before us: the minuscule outline of the honorable Statue of Liberty. My entire family, just out of a leisurely tour of Ellis Island, were eagerly awaiting the nextwatch full movie The Boss Baby online


attraction. “Mommy!” I ¬†giddily pointed into the distance. “We’re nearly there!”. She grinned. “Daniela Bean, take a look!”. My twin tore her eyes away from the New York cityscape and rushed over, our dad directly behind her. We huddled around the ferry’s railing, as it rumbled ever closer to the monument.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The ferry screeched up to the dock, and the doors gave a shrill whistle as they slid open. “The Statue of Liberty” a cool female voice chimed over the intercom. A stampede of tourists bustled out of the exit, my family included. Stomachs and knees surrounded me. I grasped my mom’s hand in a death grip, terrified I would lose her, Daniela and Daddy in the crowd. But when statue came into view , all emotion apart from awe was lost. The immense structure towered higher than I could have ever imagined. Standing where I was, I could just barely make out her facial features, but it wasn’t necessary. It was obvious to me that ¬†the monument was built to be extremely impressive. I, for one, was mesmerized. Next to me, Daniela’s mouth was gaping open. But, I can’t exactly say that mine wasn’t.

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