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TidyDesk Primary School Organizing System

Hi, Ariana here…I finally finished my invention project for school.  I want to show off all of my hard work.  So here’s the video and persuasive essay I created for my new invention TidyDesk.


Urggh! It’s that time again. You know your desk is in need of organization—it’s in complete disarray—but in the back of your mind, the question lingers…why? I mean, all your things are going to spill right back out again, anyway. It all just seems so futile! But is it? Not with TidyDesk.™ TidyDesk is a must have student desk organizing system. With it cleaning out your desk will be checked off your “to-do” list forever. Extensions such as my “Folder Holder” will give your desk a spacious interior, while the simple to install ‘Tidy Slide” will keep your remaining possessions in their places and right at your fingertips. This way, the distractions of a disorderly and inefficient workspace will not have effect on you any longer. From now on, school can serve its proper purpose for you- to learn.

First up: space. It’s the beginning necessity to an organized desk, and let me tell you, the TidyDesk certainly delivers. Not just one, but two add-ons give the room you require. For one, you have what I like to call the “Folder Holder”. These handy canvas pockets attach to the back of your desk, allowing you to insert your folders with ease and nearly double your desk’s internal space! Not to mention, the canvas material of the “Folder Holder” appeals to the artist in you by allowing you to draw designs galore on its surface. It’s set up like a Grade 2 composition notebook, letting you draw colorful designs and patterns on it to go with a story or just a single word. So, not only is your desk neat, it’s a work of art for people to goggle at and compliment! What more could you want? Did I hear “more space”? Then I could say, “Coming right up!”

Introducing my second space-giving add-on….“The Swingy Thingy.” Despite the slightly childish name, it’s perhaps the most beneficial part of TidyDesk. My reasoning simply is this: I knew all to well of the daily headache of pencils falling repeatedly out of the desk. So, I created the “Swingy Thingy”! The design consists of a plastic, lidded, compartmentalized storage container that has the capability to swing from underneath the desk to the outside, the cap keeping any pencils from tumbling out of it. But that’s not the full extent of “The Swingy Thingy’s” utility. It is able to hold not only writing utensils, but also art and school time supplies aplenty. That means no more settling for what the classroom stock has to offer. Now, you have the space not only for basic necessities, but also to spoil yourself with extra trinkets and gadgets.

Using the “Folder Holder” and “Swingy Thingy” creates abundant space within the desk. But what to do with the books and items still inside is another question altogether. That’s where the “Tidy Slide” comes in. The unique drawer-like design slides in and out of your desk with ease and the dividers within it separate your textbooks and supplies into orderly portions. This way, these items are within reach at any given time- you can even pull it out completely and place it on top of your desk. Math time- you’ll have your yellow notebook out in an instant- no more digging around like a mole! “Get out your writing textbook, class”- it’ll be a breeze! To think, I haven’t even yet told you of the most remarkable aspect of all- the protective front panel that keeps your organized belongings inside the desk, where they belong. At the same time, it fends off any classmates who are looking to nab something or other. The practical panel eliminates all those instances when you’re bracing yourself against all of your things, trying to keep everything in. Or, dare I say, trying to identify the culprit of your missing pencil. Never again will you do that with the “Tidy Slide” installed! The easy-grip soft handle makes pulling it out effortless and convenient. This way, it’s just pull it open, grab your item, and push the divider back in! Simple as that!

I’ve made my voice hoarse telling you about the remarkable uses of the TidyDesk system. Now, it’s your time to act and purchase TidyDesk! What is there not to like? The “Folder Holder” conveniently stashes away and organizes your folders, while simultaneously being fun and decorative. The “Swingy Thingy” smoothly swings away all your pencil problems, and gives you space to keep your art supplies and other extra nick-knacks. Then, right when you don’t think it could get any better, you learn that the “Tidy Slide” can organize all your school time essentials, keeping them in your desk, where they belong. After one simple installation, this could be your reality. The time to organize so laboriously would never come again. Distraction from lost folders or supplies would be a thing of the past. TidyDesk, for only $39.99, rids you of frustrating delays and keeps you highly organized. Every aspect of the TidyDesk just adds more on to its central purpose- to help you to focus on what matters at school, which is to learn. Isn’t that what we all need?

MagNeat-O (Jewelry Organizer)

As part of a school project I invented a magnetic jewelry organizer called MagNeat-O.  As well as creating the invention, we also had to write a persuasive essay and make an short commercial.  Here’s what I came up with for my video and essay.

There’s a new jewelry organizer in town. So, move over, jewelry box; it’s time for MagNeat-O to take the spotlight! “What makes MagNeat-O so superior?” you might ask. Well, MagNeat-O is actually a magnetic board with fun, attractive, and customizable attachments for storing all your jewelry. It’s the ultimate all-in-one jewelry organizer: kid friendly and colorful, convenient, and most of all organized! From now on, your jewelry isn’t the annoying jumbled pile of knots you dread organizing. Instead it’s neat, visible, and ready to wear.

Just look at MagNeat-O. It’s out of the box (literally) design turns organizing into fun magnetic play! One glance at it, and both kids and adults are sold. Why? Unlike other jewelry organizers, MagNeat-O is customizable, expandable, and adorable. You choose whatever color and theme you want! Did I hear “What about a red and white Valentine’s Day theme?” Wish granted! Do you want a funky combination of pink, green, and

2015-01-23 20.38.25-1

monsters? Coming right up!  It’s that easy! Of course, there’s also traditional ballerina, princess, and a tie die hippy type available. Each MagNeat-O is a unique work of art. Everyset even comes with cute, creative accessories including:  your choice of foam letter which doubles as a ring holder, 24 colorful pins, six hooks, two overflow containers, two flexible figurines, two earing holders, and an adjustable mirror; all coordinated to your theme! Never before has it been so easy for fun and functional to be in the same sentence!

Speaking of easy, have you ever considered the inconvenience of a bulky jewelry box? Jewelry boxes leave much to be desired. You can’t see all your options at once, it takes several of them to store all your jewelry, and they take up space on your dresser. Kiss those issues good-bye, because MagNeat-O displays all of your jewelry in one concentrated spot, so you can make just the right choice every time. Hanging on the wall, it’s spacious enough

2015-01-23 20.29.32-2

to store everything, while taking up zilch dresser space. With all of your accessories together on MagNeat-O, you can make just the right choice for, say, that wedding, birthday party, or picture day! Never again will you feel the regret of wearing the wrong necklace! MagNeat-O hangs on the wall or the back of your closet door, so your dresser wont be more cluttered than it already is. How can you ask for more from a jewelry organizer?

If you think those are the only problems with jewelry boxes, think again! Having tangled necklaces and not having the right storage combination are yet more flaws of jewelry boxes. But, with MagNeat-O, it’s just another thing to check off your list. Since all of your jewelry is neatly sprinkled across MagNeat-O’s generous surface, they wont get stuck together and tangled, like they do in the confined space of a jewelry box. No more rooting through chaotically stuffed drawers, either! With MagNeat-O’s original design, all of your 2015-01-23 20.39.31-1jewelry is easy to get to and organized just the way you need it! Have more rings than most? No problem…just add another ring holder!  Have a big watch collection?  No biggie…just add more storage pins!  Have a huge collection of stud and hanging earrings?  No worries…just add another earring holder! You decide the right ratio of storage accessories to match your collection.

Looks like that sums it all up. MagNeat-O is fun, unique, and highly functional design lets loose your funky side and is for the kid in everyone.  Never again will you have a disorderly pile of jewelry you can’t untangle. Never again will you forget to wear the perfect piece.  Never again will you not have the right type of storage. With MagNeat-O and all its benefits, your jewelry is well, Neat-O! Can other jewelry organizers say all that? Thought not! So, take that jewelry box!