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Number the Stars

scottishrite1If you check our About page, you”ll notice that we’ve been in quite a number of shows. But, the majority of them were done with summer camps, rather than with actual theater companies. Which is why to me, Number the Stars is unique. We performed that show with Haddonfield Plays and Players, or HP&P,  at the Scottish Wright Auditorium in April of 2015.  If you’ve never been there, just believe me when I that it’s really beautiful, with magnificent stone carvings and hundreds of seats. The picture doesn’t do it justice. (It’s also extremely old, so the building itself is a little worse for wear.) Regardless, I am honored to have been able to preform with HP&P.


The Number the Stars play is based off of the Newbery Award winning book by Lois Lowry, a well-known author. Her story is a heartwarming tale about a Christian family, the Johansens, trying to protect their Jewish neighbors, the Rosens, during the Holocaust. The two families live in Copenhagen, Denmark, under the watchful eyes of Nazi soldiers. While Annemarie Johansen, her sister Kirsti, and their parents are safe from harm, single child Ellen Rosen and her parents are in danger as the Nazi’s gather Jews and take then to an unknown site. During the story, the Johansens take Ellen in as their daughter to protect her, and everybody, especially Annemarie, learns a valuable lesson about them self.