What’s DNA Wordshop?

You may have guessed, we share the same DNA, and yep, we’re identical twins.  I’m Ariana (on the left) and I’m Daniela (on the right).  We decided to join our individual websites together, well, since we do almost everything together.  We are even writing and illustrating a book together. Hence the website name, DNA Wordshop.

You can learn more about us individually below.  Thanks for stopping by!

Ariana Velasquez

So I see you’ve found our little corner of the internet.

This little blog, this tiny piece of the worldwide web, is where my sister an I record our lives. Or, try to anyway. Even though we forget to post sometimes (okay, a lot of times), each and every post on this website has a special meaning to us. They remind us of times in our lives or ideas we’ve had, in the form of short stories, essays, and even poems. We can’t wait to look back at this one day and laugh at ourselves!

Now, I realize I haven’t really explained who “we” are very well. You know my name (if you read the big bold letters above these paragraphs) but that’s about it. So I guess I’ll start with the basics:I live in New Jersey, I am currently twelve years old, and my twin, Daniela, is also twelve; but I beg you not to disregard the whole minute that I am older than her. It’s very important. But despite that, Daniela is my role model in almost everything  I do. Her work ethic is amazing, her singing voice is better, and her grades are perfect.

My parents are also important role models for me. My mom, Lisa B. Marshall, is a communication expert as a profession. But she’s so much more than that. She’s a comfort giver, a schoolwork editor, and a brownie baker. She’s the best mom in the whole world. My dad, Armando Velasquez, is just as awesome. He is my first and best teacher of science and math. He’s also kind and laugh-out-loud funny. I love you and thanks, because I know I don’t say that enough.

Before I move on, there is one final person I should mention. Her name is Brillian Fu, and she is my best friend in the world (next to Daniela).  I met her at the beginning of middle school, and we’ve been friends ever since. My life would be so different and definitely not as bright without her. Brill’s a Harry Potter fanatic, and even though I loved Harry Potter before I met her, she’s made me love it even more. She’s hilarious, and she makes me laugh pretty much every day. Brillian is just an all around awesome best friend.

So all that’s left is just to tell you a little more about me. I am, first and foremost, a student. I am constantly working on homework or studying for a test. I probably (no, definitely) stress out waaay too much about school, but that’s just the way I am. Secondly, I am a girl of music. I love to play, sing, and listen to all sorts of songs. (I’m currently obsessed with the hit musical Hamilton.) I’ve taken piano lesson since second grade, and even though I’m not very good, I love to, as my mom says, “tickle the keys.” I also have been in choirs and musicals since a young age. Most recently, I was Jane in Mary Poppins and Jojo in Suessical Jr. I don’t really know what, but something about preforming makes me really excited. Another thing that I enjoy doing is art. I recently began to learn how to draw digitally, using Photoshop, and I can’t wait to keep expanding my knowledge about it! In fact, I hope to one day  become a Pixar employee. But for now I’ll stick with posting my feeble artwork on this blog. The last hobby of mine that you should know about is, wait for it… writing! As you will see by the contents of this website, both my twin and I are obsessed with creating narratives, essays, and pretty much anything! We have been trying (trying being the key word) to finish a novel for  a few years now, but we’ve begun to finally crack down it and hope to have it published by the end of 2018. Even if only one person reads it, though, it will have been worth it. You see, I am in love with books, and have been since I was but a wee young girl. Somewhere along the line, I began to enjoy writing almost as much. Hopefully, my writing can make someone else’s reading experience special, whether it be through our book or this blog.

As hard as it may be to believe, though, I’m not perfect! (Although I am modest.) I’m really clumsy, so I pretty much stink at every sport I try, especially dance.  I also am ashamed to admit that I am a nail biter. Whenever I’m nervous or unfocused, that’s when I attack my hands! I am working to stop this nasty habit, but for now it’s something I have deal with.

So, this is me! These are my habits and hobbies and family and friends. And this, DNA Wordshop is my blog, the tale of two sister’s imaginations.

  Daniela Velasquez

As you can see, my name is Daniela Velasquez. But there’s a lot more to me than just those 17 letters.

First and foremost, I’m passionate about writing. Even before I could tell the difference between blue and red, I was being read Goodnight Moon and Harold and the Purple Crayon. I learned about the power of words early on. I knew that simple ink on white paper can transport you to different worlds. Words can change one person’s life, or, if they’re used correctly, change the world. To this day, losing myself in a book is one of my favorite things to do. In fact, at this point I’m writing, illustrating, and maybe even publishing a book with my sister, Ariana Velasquez.

I’ve dipped my toes in the world of theater, too. I’ve gotten a dalmatian part (Piper) in 101 dalmatians (2010), Jojo in Seussical Jr. (2011),  Lily St. Regis in Annie Jr. (2012),  Sebastian in Little Mermaid Jr.(2013), Gus in Cinderella KIDS (2014), Ensemble in Number the Stars (2015), Scuttle in The Little Mermaid Jr.(2015) (Yes, I did it again! What can I say? I love that show.)  Speaking of again, in 2016 I was once again cast as Jojo in Seussical Jr., but this time was special. The director created the part “Jo and Jo”, so my sister and I played the role together! That was an amazing experience I will never forget. In school (2017), I played a Delta Nu sorority sister in Legally Blonde Jr. This summer I’m looking forward to being a cast member of The Wizard of Oz.
I’ve done my share of choral singing and instrument playing, too. I’m a member of the South Jersey Homeschool Choir (though I’m not homeschooled). At school, I’m in the grade level chorus and two select choral groups, Chamber Singers and Hot Harmony. I’ve also participated in Children’s Song chorus and the 55th annual All South Jersey Jr. High Chorus. I’m excitedly anticipating being a member of the Garden State Girl’s Choir this winter and spring. I’ve played piano since second grade, and I’ve recently taken up the ukulele.

Aside from music, I also love voiceover and drawing. My mom, Lisa B. Marshall, runs a podcast. I’ve shown up in multiple episodes of hers. Recently, I did a voiceover job for an app as the “Lady Bug Monster Truck.” Ariana and I also showed up in a commercial for a family friend. As for drawing, our township held a poster contest for “PAWS and Think: Don’t do Drugs.” Ariana and I both entered. Weirdly enough, the township, oblivious to the fact that we were related, tied us for second place in the whole town! In 2017, I entered the Scholastic Art & Writing contest with a drawing that spoke out against plastic pollution. (You can see it on the main page.) I really enjoyed drawing it and using my love of art to spread a message.

Danielafundraiser2015Close2I work hard for my grades in school, too. More often than not, you can find me doing homework or studying. I get a little stressed sometimes, but I suppose it’s payed off, because I’ve gotten all As since third grade. Regardless of how I do in school, I’ve always loved learning, especially history, math, writing, art, and science. Accordingly, I hope to find work as either an investigative journalist (I recently participated in a life-changing WHYY Spring Break Journalism camp), forensic scientist, archeologist, engineer, artist, author, or a film writer/director/recorder.

On a different note, I’m not the most physically talented l person, but I do some exercise. Up until 2013, soccer was our sport. I wasn’t so great at it, and life got in the way, so I quit. That summer, we started volleyball. It called to me more than soccer, so we stuck with volleyball for the duration of 2013 until 2015. As it turns out, volleyball really wasn’t my sport either, because I’m a little too short and, well, twiglike to do well. I got the “Hardest Worker” award, but that didn’t really cut it for me. I may continue volleyball when I’m older, say 14 or 15, but for now, I’m going to stick with daily bike rides and walks, along with occasionally roller blading, shooting my bow, and going for hikes. As far as a team sport goes, I’m doing track in middle school, since an online test told me I’m built for running and biking. I’m also signed up for a rowing camp this summer–maybe that’s my sport?

So, that’s me in a nutshell. If you want to know more about my life, then go ahead. Our website is full with info about me, Ariana, and two sister’s imaginations.



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