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For science this year we were asked to develop our own independent project relating very broadly to the subject of sustainability. I decided to combine my love of animals with my new filmmaking skills to create a film about today’s zoos. I chose zoos, or more specifically, the noise levels in zoos and how they impact animals. I directed, filmed, produced, and edited the entire project. I used Final Cut Pro for the editing. This film was only one part of the school project.

After I completed the school project, I was encouraged to cut it down to submit to the WHYY Film festival. So here is the shorter version, without my solution included.


Mt. Misery

So this post is sort of overdue… almost a year late, actually. But Daniela and I were talking, and decided that we had such a great time on this trip that we couldn’t miss blogging about it! So what trip are we talking about? I’m so glad you asked!

If you don’t know, we are currently in seventh grade. At our school, sixth graders all get the opportunity to go on a week long field trip to a camp in the Pine Barrens. This camp is called Mount Misericordia, but everyone calls it Mt. Misery. And let me tell you, the Mt. Misery trip was legendary. If you asked any older student about their experience there, there faces would just light up as they described the simply amazing time that they had. The teachers promised that it was an adventure you would not soon forget. So naturally, I was beyond excited. Before the school year began, it was already on the front of my mind. But as the days wore on, I began to forget about it. After all, there were more important things: schoolwork, our book… Until one fateful day.

Well, fateful may be  an over dramatic word. But I still remember walking into math class one day, and instead of a lesson, I was faced with a decision: Who would be in my cabin? Now, I had somewhat expected this, because some time before that I had been hearing rumors that this would happen. But still, I was nervous. You see, the way things worked at Mt. Misery was that there was only a certain amount of cabins, and those cabins could only fit so many people. Naturally, kids wanted to be in a cabin with their friends, but this wasn’t always entirely possible. So the teachers created a system were you could chose 3 people to be in your cabin. However, only one of those 3 was guaranteed to be with you. So you had to pick wisely. As you can imagine, though, this created tension. At least among my friends, no one wanted to offend the other by not choosing them. But in the end, we all had to buckle down.

Voice Aloud Talent Showcase

My sister and I participated in the Voices Aloud talent showcase. It was organized as a fundraiser event for our theater group. I felt bad for Ariana because she was feeling really sick. The fist picture is of me and the second one is Ariana.  I sang “The Girls I Mean to Be” and Ariana sang “I Know Things Now“.  We both got an honorable mention.  I won professional headshots and she won drum lessons!

We were on the news! Yay!

Our choir had the honor of singing while the Philadelphia Orchestra  played the National Anthem at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia PA. It was a lot of fun to meet the Yannick Nézet-Séguin, the director of the orchestra! And we even made it on the news. If you look carefully you can see me and my sister!



My sister and I played with the Cherry Hill Volleyball Club last year.  I just noticed they posted this group photo.  We’re in the front row! Look for my sister with the crossed legs and you’ll find us!

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 1.39.21 PM

If you click the image below you can see it bigger (and clearer).  Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 1.39.05 PM

Voice-over work on podcasts

My mom has been the host of The Public Speaker podcast since 2008.  She’s included us on a few episodes.

Here two episodes that we helped with this year:

How to Get a Wow (Not a Scowl) From Kids – Part 1

How to Get a Wow (Not a Scowl) From Kids – Part 2

We created this one when we were seven years old. (This one never got published.)

We did this one when we were six years old.
How to Tell Better Stories