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Take One – Headshots By Mom

U1DNA5 HRAs I mentioned in “Just an Update”,  Ariana and I are finally doing headshots, a major step in our acting career. For those who don’t know, headshots are many photo representations of all the different looks you can do as an actor\actress.(Similar but more professional than the image to the right, a happy and girlish “look”) That way, when you go to apply for an agent, they already have an idea of what you look like and what you can do. Long story short, headshots are important.


As for why my mom is taking headshots, Ariana and I are thinking about applying for an agency called Take 3 Talent. Just for a vocab update, agents are people who  help you find acting work. In exchange, they get a percentage of your pay. Basically, if they don’t find work for you, they don’t get any money from you.

Work is hard to find on your own, so if Ariana and I want to be professional actresses, for now, we need an agent. Its hardly that easy, though. Since the agent represents you, they have to like your work. That’s where the headshots come in. In order to apply for an agent, you have to send in headshots – not professional headshots by a photographer but pictures that your parents take – along with a sample of your singing. If they don’t like you, they don’t accept you. That’s why it’s so important that you try your best with your headshots.

Making headshots is a longer process than you’d believe. Our first step was to find the color(s) that looked the best on us: coral, blue, and green. (Our uncle helped us with that, since he’s an optician and specializes in finding the right color glasses for people.) Naturally, we didn’t have clothes many clothes in those colors, so we went shopping. When taking headshots, there are different looks: pop, girly, nerdy, old, young, sporty, ect. So we hunted for clothes in those categories in our colors. At long last we came up with a selection of clothes. The rest of the day was spent reading

We watched videos about how to accentuate your jawline, make you look more confident, and smile with your mouth closed. Soon, we were ready to shoot. We struck poses against trees and brick walls, curled and straightened our hair, changing clothes all the while. It was stressful work, though fun and beneficial. But, even as I write this, we’re still not done!

Here’s the final result of what we created…what do you think?

These are Ariana:

U2Ariana6 HR UAriana10 HRUAriana5 HR

These are Daniela:

 U2Danieal16 HRU4Daniela6 HRUDaniela13 HR


Voice-over narration and script writing

We did an animal report project for school and we had to create a visual aide for the project.  We chose to write a short script to narrate a video of narwhals.  It was fun to the voice over, but we were in a rush, so we only had a chance to do two run-throughs.

Our mom and dad helped us with the technology part–creating the video and adding in our new soundtrack. Our parents put two different videos together into one and then put the sounds of the animals underneath our voices.

The videos are both just under 3 minutes. We hope you enjoy them.

Here’s Daniela’s video:

Here’s Ariana’s video: